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Since 2014, Tacos & Beer has taken pride in thoughtfully preparing their unique style of flavorful tacos and craft beers. Preparing some of the most flavorful taco combinations in an artfully designed restaurant in Las Vegas is never an easy task. T&B asked – Ruebriq to not only redesign their website, but capture the buzz that surrounds the food and social culture of the restaurant itself.


Client: www.tacosandbeerlv.com


Custom Typography.

It was clear T&B needed bold typography that truly captured the hand crafted and artisanal quality of the delicious food coming out of their kitchens. The nature of the restaurant’s menu encourages patrons to be hands on in an environment filled with traditionally tiled family-style tables, dark wood, and colorfully plated tacos.

+ Creating custom lettering and stampings by hand would prove to be the first part of our visual strategy
for the new website aesthetic. Each of the sayings reflected the relaxed, casual and humorous vibe of the T&B brand.

TacoBoutUsFooter (1)

Celebrating with style.

Cinco De Mayo is arguably one of the busiest times for T&B. Ruebriq was tasked with the honor of designing promotional t-shirt designs which could double for both staff and customers wanting to show their holiday pride.

+ We decided to focus on large hand painted typography modeled after traditional sign painting from Mexico. We then layered subtle colorways which were inspired by several of the most popular taco and cocktail combinations from the menu.


Accurately gritty marketing.

The imagery and gritty digital marketing assets needed to be appealing and authentic, for this Vintage Pancho Villa like busts were designed to celebrate the colorful history of the holiday.