New branding for a new era of PanAm.

Panam, one of the world’s most iconic US brands in aviation history was revitalized and reimagined to meet the future of travel. Catering exclusively toward GOV, Higher Education, and Athletics travel worldwide, Panam has reinvented itself with a modern brand image that delivers best in class with the clean-cut approachability reminiscent of 1950’s. It’s business suited for the digital age.




See How Travels Changed

PanAm’s illustrious history and contribution to our modern airline system was a legacy we wanted to keep intact. Rethinking the idea of modern travel with ties to such a iconic brand mark meant we needed to visually connect the past with the present. Our idea was to update the way we saw the mark itself being used. It would be used in a digitally friendly way but without necessarily being vintage or retro. The innovation of the 1950’s and the capacity for concierge level services were principles that would shape the way the new PanAm would approach it’s product offerings to it’s customer base.

Analog Roots, Digital Delivery

We strategically selected color profiles that maintained their roots in the original brand colors of the PanAm brand. Making good use of the iconic brand mark, we decided to create a mixture of modern illustrations and brand elements that supported the original brand values while introducing the fun and playful voice of the new PanAm throughout all of it’s digital communications. This included ticketing system and new landing pages.

Redesigning a modern legacy

PanAm asked Ruebriq to redesigned a website that could support the brands voice and tone while delivering the key aspects of the new PanAm. This introduced a system of custom illustrations that made travel and logistics fun and engaging, capturing the original excitement of air travel, giving a nostalgic wink to the company’s past..