Flops For Flips



Flops for Flips, Giving Change in Sandals.

Flops for Flips creates opportunity for the little children of the Philippines. Many of the underprivileged children of the Philippines go without proper shoes leaving them vulnerable to harmful diseases, endangering their health and limiting their ability to attend school. Ruebriq, was tasked with creating a web presence that not only laid out the issues but gave users the ability to donate and make a change right away.


Client: www.flopsforflips.org

Donations are happy moments

The traditional donation systems in the US seems underwhelming and a sometimes obfuscated by a lot of fluff. We understood that this issue was specific to children in the Philippines but really communicated larger social issues such as poverty, childhood education services, and health. Our idea was simple enough, to clearly show how the donations would effect the children’s lives – showing the impact of a donation made the digital experience of giving, real. 


A new Flops for Flips

Creating an real experience that gives the user a sense of what these young children are going through is a tall order, but the key was to show children as they are, taking the good with the bad and living regardless of the hardships. The result is a website that displays the issues of poverty and the triumph of a child’s spirit..