Alexander Rubin

Rubin Photography Logo


A brand is worth a thousand words

Alexander Rubin captures the decadence of some of the most beautiful vineyards of California’s wine country – from Napa Valley to Sonoma County. The fact that Alexander Rubin’s commercial line up includes people like Oprah, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, and TV comedian Stephan Colbert is why his commercial photography needed a strong, lasting digital presence. Ruebriq was asked to design a brand mark and new website presence that summoned that feelings of elegant vintners with a presentation slick enough to suit his A-list clientele. All of which would need to be housed in a website that showcased some of the best photography while revealing a mixture of his trademark personality in every page.

Understanding the brand

Alexander Rubin’s photography speaks for itself, and with the allure of California’s best wine country as the backdrop, it was absolutely critical to capture a brand mark that could flexibly integrate itself online and in print.
We drew inspiration from wine rings and vintage wine labels, our process lead us to design a circular mark which could be stamped like a signature or personal monogram. This presented the image as though it had always belonged and was not a modern adaptation of the original, but original itself.


A flexible website

The identity for Rubin Photography was designed to be flexible for both his commercial and wedding websites.

A multi-site brand

The brand identity followed into the design and user experience for Rubin Photography’s second website, which focused on weddings in the California Wine Country, Napa Valley and Sonoma County.